Another Nightingale Movie

By July 9, 2017Nursing

Image result for Jackie Smith as Florence NIghtingaleHello followers.  I wanted to talk to you about another Nightingale movie that I discovered.  I like to call Florence Nightingale Flo.  Jackie Smith (too cute and the cutest Charlie’s Angel in my opinion) gives a stellar performance as one of the most legendary nurses in history.  She is intelligent, beautiful, kind and ambitious as Flo.  She is part of England’s wealthy society but has a heart and compassion for those who are ill and in need.  This story tells of Flo’s life and career before the Crimean War and how she focused on  educating nurses about nutrition, cleanliness, medication labeling, safety and professionalism.  She was disliked by some but did not allow that to stop her.  The costumes, props, and sets are wonderful in this movie.  Another shout out to Flo. As always folks be safe. Consult your physician prior to starting any new regimen, program, treatment and or medications /products. T-Tech Nurse is not a paid sponsor for any products at this time.