My Favorite TV Nurse

By June 20, 2017Nursing
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Hello followers. I want to talk about my favorite T.V. nurse and it’s not Jackie. I’m talking about Claire Beecham-Randall who later becomes Claire Beecham Frasier. This character comes from the T.V show Outlander. It’s a Starz original and is about to air its third season this year. It caught my attention while I browsing through channels one day because it mentioned a WWII nurse and her journey. I won’t spoil the series for you if you haven’t been watching but I want to focus more on the nursing side of Clair. Clair is a WWII nurse and the series starts with her caring for the wounded soldiers and covered in blood. On this particular day the war is declared over and Claire returns to her married life in England. She then goes on honeymoon with her military husband to Scotland. There we learn that Clair studies and uses herbs and plants for medicinal purposes. While out collecting supplies she falls through time. She falls back about two hundred years in Scotland. Here Clair builds a life as the primary healer for a Scottish Clan. She builds a life for herself during this time although it is difficult. She continues to use her nursing skills by treating people of the community and beyond even in the most dangerous of times. The show often shows flashbacks of Claire’s life as a military nurse that included rationing, a sleeping cot, sleeping in the mud after gun fire etc. Claire truly is a soldier nurse! Thanks T-Tech Nurse. As always be safe folks. Consult your physician prior to starting any new regimen, program, treatment, and or medications/products. T-Tech Nurse is not a paid sponsor for any product at this time.