Ava Fertility Bracelet

By July 16, 2017Health, Technology

Image result for ava fertility braceletHello followers. I found a wearable fertility tracking tool. It’s called the Ava Ovulation bracelet. The Ava is clinical backed by the FDA and is said to predict 5.3 days of fertility, suitable for cycle lengths of 24-35 days, and is 89% accurate at tracking fertility days. The Ava tracks not just one variable when a woman is trying to conceive but many including resting pulse rate, skin temperature, and heart rate variability while the woman is sleeping.

The Ava was studied for one year at the University Hospital of Zunich. Unlike other fertility tracking methods, Ava detects changes that occur at the beginning of the fertile window as well as after ovulation. According to the website you won’t need multiple fertility methods such as basal body temp, which only gives you a piece of the whole picture.

In May of 2017 the bracelet was published in the Scientific Reports and has won several awards according the website. It is said to be user friendly and is worn just like a watch. The app has to be linked to your phone and it records your menstrual phase, sleep, stress, and resting heart rate. You can also track your weight and read pregnancy content through the app. It cost about $200 in the U.S and is readily available.


This gadget might very well be the future of fertility and trying to get pregnant. I think it’s absolutely adorable. Congratulations to the creators on their great success and hopefully lots of babies will be born with the help of AVA.