Gululu Interactive Water Bottle

By July 16, 2017Technology

Image result for gululu interactive water bottleHello followers. I found a technologically advanced water bottle for children. Bowhead technologies has created the Gululu interactive water bottle that helps little ones stay hydrated. I found this product on Amazon. According to the website this bottle will help children want to drink more water.   It has a built in screen where they can choose a pet and watch it grow while drinking water during the day. The Gululu also has a path that the children can reach as their getting closer to their goals and calculates the amount of water your child needs based on height and weight.

This water bottle is very cute and colorful coming in bowhead blue, submarine yellow, and mermaid pink. Best of all the company donates clean water to children in need around the globe for every purchase. The price might turn some people off because it’s about $130. If you have the extra cash, why not spend it to do something great for your child’s health. Parents can link their child’s Gululu to their phones and monitor their progress each day.

If another child has one your child can interact with them by placing the bottles next to one another. The Gululu is washable and according to Amazon reviews is quite durable. Trying to get a child to drink water can be a daunting task. This gadget could make it easier. If that isn’t enough a study conducted by Harvard School of Health, that included 4,000 children (ages 6-10 years) found that more than half of the participants weren’t getting enough hydration. Nearly a quarter of the participants reported drinking no plain water at all. Dehydration can lead to problems with physical, cognitive, and emotional health.

I think the Gululu is absolutely adorable and if you have extra cash it would be a great present of any child.   Thanks T-Tech Nurse. As always folks be safe. Consult your physician prior to starting any new regimen, program, treatment and or medications /products. T-Tech Nurse is not a paid sponsor for any products at this time.