Pledge Electronic Spray

By July 9, 2017Technology

Image result for pledge multi surface sprayHello followers.  Quick post here.  I want to introduce some of you to multipurpose spray.  This spray can be used on electronics and most surfaces.  The reason I bought it is because I can use it on my TV, keyboards, desktops, phone, and tablet.  It removes dust and allergens found in dust.  It doesn’t leave a residue or greasy feeling.  According to adverstisement it kills 99% of bacteria, germs, and some viruses (the nurse in me loves that).  The best thing is that it has a lovely citrus scent and makes cleaning a lot easier.  Dust bunnies goodbye.  Thanks T-Tech Nurse.  As always folks be safe. Consult your physician prior to starting any new regimen, program, treatment and or medications /products. T-Tech Nurse is not a paid sponsor for any products at this time.