Withings (Now Nokia) Wirless Blood Pressure Cuff

By July 9, 2017Technology

Image result for withings wireless blood pressure monitorHello followers. I want to talk to you about Withings (Now Nokia) wireless blood pressure cuff. I like this blood pressure cuff because you can connect and have all the recordings stored in your iPhone. The app records your blood pressure readings but has other fun features such as sharing with friends and keeping track of your walking steps. It also connects your to the online store where they have lots of fun and cool gadgets for you to shop for online. This blood pressure cuff does not need a stethoscope. It has one button that you push to start. The cuff comes with a charger similar to an iPhone and has instructions as easy as 123. I think this neat gadget might be the future of blood pressure cuffs. Thanks T-Tech Nurse. As always folks be safe. Consult your physician prior to starting any new regimen, program, treatment and or medications /products. T-Tech Nurse is not a paid sponsor for any products at this time.